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Monday, February 21, 2011

Episode 14 - Birthday Card - Joy Fold Cupcake

So this video went a little long, I apologize in advance. I don't edit my videos so what you see is what you get, LOL. I wanted to make a card which really showed the process I go through and so I didn't pre atg everything and all that which I have done in the past to get my videos down in time. So if you get bored fast forward through parts that don't interest you. After I was all done, my card got tilted while drying and the glossy accents made a total mess. So needless to say I stripped the whole cupcake off and threw it out and made a new one, with glossy accents and stickles all over again! LOL. Oh well. Hope you enjoy. And here are pics of the finished card.

For all the sizes you'll just have to watch the video ;).

Also welcome to all of my new followers :). It is so nice to have you...and there is still another day to get in on the blog hop I had over the weekend as well as my So Saturday Challenge #3!


Jenn said...

Great video! I'll have to try making one myself soon. Your card is just adorable, love the colours! TFS :)

Quillin' Like a Villian said...

I'm one of those new followers! I finally signed up for a blog. I only hope I can keep it up as well as you keep yours. :)

Quillin' Like a Villain

L.B. said...

What a fun card. Thanks!

Sharon said...

Great video Christina!! Love your card. So very pretty!!! :)