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Q & A

This Page is Dedicated to Your Questions and My Answers!!!

To make it easier for me to answer your specific questions, please feel free to ask them here.  If you prefer me to email you the answer just include your email address for me and I will be happy to, otherwise I will answer you here in a comment.  This is a little easier for me as this post will always be easily accessible rather than get moved down into my blog archive.

I look forward to your questions!


Nancy C. said...

I really like your new design! I love the keychains that you made, but I have never used mod podge before and wondered if you could explain how or better yet do a short video on how-to? I have made a few of the keychains for my grandchildren for Valentine's Day and need to get the courage to finish them! Thanks!

Card Creations by C said...


Thank you for the sweet comment. And yes I am planning to make a video(s) of the keychain process. I actually have to make 4 keychains, another kitty, another owl and an A and a E. I plan to show the layering process in a video...then the modge podge in one. Hopefully I can get to this during this week!

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a "You are my Sunshine" Birthday card and saw yours come up. Do you take special orders?

Card Creations by C said...

Yes I do take custom orders, I can make you a card like that...I have made one in the past with an adorable sun and that exact sentiment. My sister grabbed it up.

Please contact me via email at
cardcreationsbyc at gmail dot com so we can discuss this in more detail.

Thanks so much!

Debbie said...

I just love to come and see your blog with all your lovely cards, its so fun for me I would love to be friends with you on Face Book would you please be a friend, and would love to have you follow my blog as well, I really like how you create all your cards and would like to chat sometimes thanks for sharing all you lovely work, your blog is one of my most favorites here, Debbie

Debc06 said...

Hi Christina,
I have added a posting and your button to the side of my blog so that others can follow along.
Thought I had done this but apparently not. So sorry.

Stacey said...

Why can't I submit my entry for the challenge if I don't have a personal blog?

Card Creations by C said...


I decided when I started the challenges to open them to my fellow bloggers because I want everyone to be able to share about the challenges with other bloggers and also I was hoping it would encourage those who have not started a blog, to do so. It is a very rewarding experience to have your own crafting blog, and then others can find your blog too. I would love it if I could follow a blog you would start and be kept up to date with your crafting projects. There are some challenges out there that don't require a blog.

I fund my prizes with my own money, and it does take a certain amount of commitment and time to run a blog as well as challenges, so I wanted to be able to encourage that with the prizes that I give away.

It's really fun to have your own blog. Even if you can't submit for the challenge it would be nice if you would leave a comment with the link to your project so we can all see it.

Thanks for your interest!

Anniebee said...

Hi, Christina! I found your blog on one of the hops I participated in and I really enjoy it. I finally got a chance to have a good look around (I haven't seen everything yet though). I just started my own blog last weekend and posted my first project. It's partially because I thought I'd like to participate in some challenges and might want to submit applications to join a design team or two that I finally broke down and did it, soooo... you're right that you helped to encourage me to take the big step.

I also wanted to tell you that I am totally jealous of your craft space! It's so neat and well-organized. I have plans to convert one of my bedrooms to a craft room but I am a few months or more away from being able to do that. I was laid off my job last August so my crafting budget is zero right now. I have a desk and a few other storage solutions I can use temporarily but I was wondering where you got your racks, cabinets and ribbon dispenser, or whatever they're called. The craft room is at the top of my agenda for whenever I go back to work and I want to be ready!

Thanks and best wishes!

Card Creations by C said...


Thank you for your sweet comment.

I got the ribbon holders from Micheal's. One is the ribbon center and the other is the embellishment center. Also the white cutes are jetmax brand from Michael's. The plastic drawer unit ones come from Wal-Mart. The stand the cricut is on is from Wal-Mart. And the racks my punches are on are just from my local home value stores. :). Hope that helps!

deb said...

Hi. I just started my blog 4 days ago and I am just learning but I am having a wonderful time figuring it all out. I would love it if you would stop by sometime and have a look. I have posted a few cards so far. Eventually I would like to do some Turorials as well but that is in the future.I love your art and I am looking for your blinky so I can put it on my blog before I finish looking at your blog. This is a wonderful place to come. I will return over and over.
or you can email me at
I hope to see you there.

Candy said...

Hi Christina,
I just love your blog and your videos. You are fabulous!!
I would like to know if I have to store my memento ink pads upside down like the Tim Holtz inks? Please reply by email. I would also love it if you would visit my blog. Thanks so much,

Doris P. said...

I would like to ask about the challenge: Do you have to use a certain company? have to have certain elements used?? Love to know and participate. Did I miss where to link the current project at?? Doris

Card Creations by C said...


So sorry I forgot to link the challenges. I did add them to the FOTMC page to be easier to find them.

As far as supplies you use, you can use anything you want to. Just make sure you follow the challenge directions. I look forward to your posts.

Donna said...

Will there be a September Challenge?

carol cole said...

I do not have design studio or a gypsy either..how do you weld a card together to make that adorable mouse and cheese card? My email is cbcole4561@yahoo.com..I am looking forward to your response! Thank you!

carol cole said...

I do not have design studio or a gypsy either..how do you weld a card together to make that adorable mouse and cheese card? My email is cbcole4561@yahoo.com..I am looking forward to your response! Thank you!