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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Challenges!!!

So....This is how the new challenges will work.

I haven't decided on a catchy name for them yet, I would like some suggestions.

Rather than the every other Sat challenges where you have one week to complete the challenge, I wanted to have more challenges and more time to get them done.

So starting July 1st, on the 1st of every month, whatever day of the week that falls on, THREE brand new challenges will post right here on my blog. One will be a Cricut Cart challenge, One will be a certain type of Project, and one will be some small thing your project must include, similar to what they have been.

You will be able to participate in one, two or all three of them, but they are to be 3 different projects, no combining them all into one.

You will have 3 full weeks to submit your project, this way there is plenty of time for all to participate in our busy worlds.

I am going to allow people without a blog to particpate as long as they link their project using a public site such as Flickr or Photo Bucket. If you do it that way I would like your comment you leave to include other sites you are submitting the same project to for challenges.

I am going to still allow the projects be used for only up to one other challenge, because the point is to challenge yourselves and to really make a project for someones challenge.

I will still draw one winner for the month.

You can look for the post to be made at 7 am on the first of every month. The linkies will close on the 21st of every month at 7 pm.

Also look for three posts to be made. I will make a separate blog post for each of the separate challenges, but they will all publish at 7 am.

So what do you think?

Oh yes, we have 5 designers. We still have Paula, Savahanna and Darlene!!! Denise had to step down but I am so thankful for the 6 months she was with us. Also Janice from cricutology.blogspot.com will be joining us along with myself. So that is going to be 15 inspiration projects coming at you on the first of every month. It can't get much better than that!!!

So please leave me a comment and let me know what you think...also some catchy name idea. Something that involves 3 and 1 maybe???

I know I am way behind on choosing the winner for May and now June as well. Forgive me. Once I got recovered from surgery the last few weeks I have been extremely busy getting some things caught up and I have barely even been crafting. But I will get caught up, I promise.


Gloria Dasher said...

OMG Christina
Im so HAPPY that you will allow us who dont have a blog to partiapate in the challenges TY GOD Ive Been wanting to play along for a very long time And I cant wait to try a challenge on your blog THANK YOU SO Much Christina


Gloria Dasher

Jarna said...

Sounds fun and very fair to all. I just enjoy your challenges so am glad they are staying around :) Wish I could help with the name but I came up with nothing good.