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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello Everyone, Just a few Things.

Hi Everyone :)

Just wanted you all to know that I am doing FANTASTIC since my surgery.

It has been 6 weeks this Thursday and I am feeling great.

All of my acid reflux symptoms have gone away and I have more energy and feel better than I have in a decade.

I am also eating very healthy and feeling more motivated since, and I have lost 12 pounds already :).

I just got cleared from my dr today to start experimenting with a full diet again (even the things that were a big no no for reflux) and the only thing I actually want is a cup of coffee!!! I don't care about pizza or chocolate or anything like that right now. And it is entirely possible to live without it 6 plus weeks, and be happy.

Right now I am taking pure pleasure from eating yummy fruits and everything and enjoying every last bite slowly and learning to appreciate even being able to eat LOL. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is true.

I am enjoying having no more ear pain, no gasping to breathe all day, no coughing up a lung every day, my voice is coming back nicely and actually feeling like I can make the most of my days.

I guess no one really had a clue how badly sick I was, not even me, until one day with a wonderful surgery it was like a miracle and all that sickness and pain left me and now I have a chance to live again in a way I haven't in so long. All because of something like Acid Reflux that millions of people suffer from. I am going to have to be careful to eat well and exercise and stay as healthy as I can so that the surgery in time doesn't fail and I would end up getting back to sickness...the surgeon did his part and now I have to do my part.

Anyway, I am making cards but I need a little break from the maintenance of this blog. I do spend many hours a week getting posts ready, which post every day at 7 am LOL. I have some exciting things in store for you all in July...the brand new challenges and all.

But first I am going to take the next week off. So look forward to the next post being made at 7 am Wednesday June 29th!!! And it will be exciting!!!

Don't worry, I share every card or project I make here, so the things I have been making this past week and the one to come will still be posted here in July.

Take Care everyone...I'll be looking at the blogs, just taking a break from working mine.


BunnyFreak said...

Having chronic health problems myself I totally understand what you are saying about not realizing how sick you were. Glad you are healing and doing so much better.

Alison Jane Hann said...

I am so glad to read this post tonight. You GO girl! Congrats on things going so well.

Denise G said...

So glad your surgery went well and you are feeling so much better. Can't wait for July to see how your new challenges go and all the fun things you have been working on. Hopely I will join as many challenges as I can.
thanks for allowing me to be on your team for a while.

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Glad you are feeling better! Enjoy your rest!

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

Glad the surgery worked and that you've been feeling Great!!!

Gloria Dasher said...

I glad you'll almost back to normal you and other people really dont know how sick and in pain you are till they say surgery.Or Till something like this happen to you .well I wish I can join the challenges but you said we have to have a blog I dont even have facebook I just dont have no time. but I do enjoy your videos they are awesome cant wait for more videos thank you so much I wish you will reconsider so that the people who dont have blogs can enter the challenges.

Thank you Christina

Jarna said...

That is exciting news. I'm so happy for you.
Thanks for sharing and enjoy the break.

Barbara said...

Hi Christina!
Glad to know you're better and feeling much better! It's a process so still take it easy and take good care of yourself.

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