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Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Card - Boo Pumpkin

I think this pumpkin image is so adorable! I decided to make it big, and it is big. It barely fit on this card, which didn't leave me room for much other embellishments. Maybe if I had some buttons and twine I could have accented the other corner, but do believe I don't even have buttons yet? I think I need to get some with cord to go through them because I like the look better when the button is strung in some way. But the pumpkin is cute. I just can't say this is my favorite card.

On a side note I wanted to explain how I do my blog posting.

I tend to make a lot of cards each week. I used to post all of them at one and then I wouldn't have anything to post for days, so I began a month or two ago to stagger my posts using the pre scheduled feature. Now what I do is I take a day on the weekend and I work with all my pictures of the cards I have made the previous week. Then I package them. Then I make a blog post for each and usually there is enough cards or projects to have two posts being made each day for the coming week. I set one up for shortly before I wake and one for the evening. Then that is done. I can just enjoy reading blogs all week and not have to worry about posting very much here unless I do a challenge part way through or have something that needs to be posted right away...then I move a post out to the end. It works well for me, because I don't have to feel rushed all week to post here and I can just sit back and enjoy my posts coming all week and looking at all my cards that way again too! Then at the same time I post the whole week's worth onto my Etsy store too! It seems to work out well for me, and this way my blog always has something new happening, and I don't feel as tied down the the up keep of it!


Amanda Villarreal said...

Great technique! My almost five month old wouldnt let me craft enough to try it though LOL. I like this card, and the stamp!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Super cute pumpkin!