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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Adhesive is a Girl's Best Friend!

Oh my!!! Look at my Adhesive Collection! I thought it would be neat to take a picture showing all the various adhesives that I use. I think I counted 20 different types. Prior to getting my ATG gun that red tape runner was my favorite. The purple one is for vellum. The blue mono tape runner is really nice too. I have old fashioned photo splits too. Then there are the pop dots. Love those. The photo tapes. The one along the back is awesome. I think it is compared to scor tape. Very strong. Red sticky tape and another type from Michael's. Then there is the mono liquid glue and the Scotch Quick Dry and the Zip Dry. Of course my ancient Xryon! I have glue sticks. The repositionable glue stick works nicely on the cricut mats. I have regular tape for sticking ribbon behind things. I LOVE my two Zig Two Way glue pens! Awesome! Then there is the Elmer's Craft Bond Glue which I pour into my little white glue bottle from Quilled Creations. I highly suggest that for any crafter. That bottle is amazing. The tip is micro sized and you can get the tiniest dots of glue! There is a pin you put in it to keep it from drying closed. The actual glue is really fast to bond and dry it works great for small elements and quilling. It is what I use to adhere all my quilled objects and they are STRONG! For putting cricut cuts together I primarily just use the Zig and the Glue Bottle with the craft bond glue. And then the ATG!!! Yeah...I have had mine for about a month to 6 weeks now. I love it so much. 12 refills for it can replace 42 red tape runners and save me up to a couple hundred bucks depending where I was getting those from and on what type of sale of full price. I tend to only have to change my ATG once a week and I make several cards a week...usually enough for 2 blog posts per day. I think it works like a charm, and isn't as bulky as I feared. It is light weight and it goes on so smoothly! I also think that it is stronger than any tape runners I have used before. I can't believe it takes all this adhesive to do what we do...but hey...a girl needs what she needs! I know one thing, I won't ever let myself run out of ATG refills...so far I am ordering 12 at a time. It seems the Zig pens just last and last....and you can't get much cheaper than Elmer's Craft Bond glue either! Yes, adhesive is my best friend when it comes to crafting...you just can't get by without it!

What is your favorite Adhesive if you had to choose???


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

So fun! I heart adhesives too! I have tons all over the place! Have to say my ATG is my favorite!

Savahanna said...

My favorite adhesive has to be my ATG gun now. I use this all the time as well as my Zig Two Way glue pens. Hehe Love your collection looks like mine.

Coachfans said...

Wow! Your collection is pretty impressive. I definitely do not have that much. I use a good 'ole glue stick and glue pen. I think I might need to move on up a little and invest in some more, especially with all these choices.

Georgiana : )

Justine said...

At first it was tacky glue, then the zig zag, but now it's definitely the ATG gun:)