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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Three Bookmarks-Quilled Flowers!

Now that I have made a few bookmarks I know what size I want them so they will be consistent. I like then just a bit longer than the first couple I made. I think these quilled bookmarks are going to be a real hit when I set up somewhere to sell my products. Given the quilling involved I think I have to charge 2.00 a book mark, but I think it's worth it. These are pretty and thick. They aren't going to bend easily. I do prefer to make paper products as durable as I can when crafting, because there is nothing worse than crinkled paper. And bookmarks should be made to last a very long time. I am trying to keep the designs simple so that I can keep them at the 2.00 price range.

I am in love with quilled flowers. There are still more flowers for me to experiment making. I am sure I am going to enjoy using my scraps of paper making bookmarks that are pretty and functional. The little rosebud looks cute in the center of the yellow flower!

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