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Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Tools!!!

Yesterday I went to Michael's craft store. I do adore my craft punches and already have quite a few. So many brands and so many different ones that I can only buy them here and there. Normally I always buy them at 40 percent off or with my coupon. Yesterday I must have hit the jackpot because they had various punches on clearance well below the normal price. For instance one that was supposed to be 16.o0 was only 5. Amazing! So I bought up these punches which I did not have. I punch a lot of circles and my creative memories circle makers are getting very old. I was able to find these Fiskars squeeze punches in a 2 inch and 1.5 inch circle. Love it! The square is something I use many of too and this one is actually an in between size of my Creative Memories square makers. So that was perfect. I have a fancy square maker but not this scallop square maker, so that was a great find too. Then the border punch is just adorable and I may have a chance to make some celestial themed wedding invitations so I had to grab that one up. The scallop circle maker is great too. And then there is the corner punch. How cute. I didn't have any fancy corner punches like that. I punched each out of this paper so you can see how they work. The three punches that are not Fiskars are from EK Succsess. All punch very easily and I would suggest the Fiskars squeeze punches to anyone who finds it hard to punch repetitively. They are very easy on the hands and wrists. I normally don't get this many tools in one day so this was very exciting.

And this was the reason for my trip there. My mother in law gave me a rotary trimmer for Christmas and I love it. However I think I killed it. I used it like crazy and packed it to go to crops too. I think something happened to it because it started quite often making crooked cuts, and it had never done that before. I've checked out many trimmers on the market and this one is my favorite. It goes for 60.00 and is by Fiskars. This is actually just the newer model of the same one I had, it looks the same just different design. I like how the cutting rail is not right at the end, but you have room to measure on both sides. The rotary blade makes nice clean cuts. I already have the scallop and other designed blades that I can easily switch out when I want to for fancy cuts. So it was decided that I wanted the same one. I used my 50 percent off coupon and got this for 30.00. A little while back I bought the more narrow version of this trimmer for taking with me to crops so I won't damage this big one. I would suggest rotary trimmers to anyone who is cutting a lot of paper. Honestly even at the 60.00 range it would still be well worth it. I just like to bargain shop for my crafting goods because I want to have many tools and not pay the full price unless really needed.

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