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Sunday, July 18, 2010

BNC0012- Another Pretty Quilled & Stamped Purple Note Card

So I had some papers left over from the other two cards and decided to make one more note card before calling it quits for now with these colors. I really LOVE this one. I think it's a nice design with the larger area the darker crimped paper and then the main attraction of the card just to the one side. It really is simple yet pretty. I am totally in love with the stamped paper in purple (which is good because I may have ruined my stamp permanently purple and have to buy another one for use with other colors) matched up with these colors of purple.

The longest part about this card was doing the quilling. I didn't have those little circles pre done so I had to stop and make them for the card. Still it isn't so bad, just 14 little circles to roll and glue. I used 3 inch strips of white paper and then made them the smallest size on my circle template board. It really makes for a nice delicate flower. The inside of this card is lined with lighter purple on the side where you would write and dark purple on the other side. I am sure this card is going to go fast because it really is a beauty!

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