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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quilling- Oh What a Craft!

I have found it amazing how many wonderfully beautiful things can be made from just a few simple tools!. I have tons of die cuts and craft punches and it gets bulky to hang onto and take with me places. I love them, don't get me wrong, and I will always use them, but this quilling is really something else.

Some might find the curling of paper and arranging and gluing to be rather tedious, but I find it to be relaxing and exciting. Sometimes while watching tv I just curl a bunch of strips so I can do something else with them later. Other times I quill on the go, when I am working on various projects.

I think I have just about all the quilling tools I need right here in this one picture. Before I got my circle board today I just had the Circle Sizer Ruler. It was so handy to be able to get the right size circle every single time, but now I can do that times 6 with my board and arrange them too.

I love to use the slotted tool and so far have not found much use for the needle tool except for removing excess glue. The handles are very comfortable on the hands and easy to twirl. The only tool that isn't from Quilled Creations is my scissors. The tweezers are GREAT. Before ordering this kit I was using some cosmetic tweezers and I thought I was hooked on those, but
these tweezers are to die for. They are so handy and easy to use, very precise. Very sharp, so be careful.

I haven't really used the Curling Coach yet but I know there will come a time I need to. The other thing I love is the Glue Bottle. It is so nice. It holds a good amount of glue but is very light weight and easy to hold. It squeezes very easily so there is no struggling to get the glue out. The applicator tip is so precise and you can get just the tiniest drop of glue to come out. The rust proof pin makes sure that the glue doesn't harden inside the tip. My pin bent after a couple of weeks but when I told the company about it they kindly included a few extras in my order with the board.

The service at Quilled Creations is excellent. I order and about 10 minutes later an email comes through that the order has shipped and I get it the next day because I don't live far from their location. The prices are so reasonable and I have been happy with every product so far!

If you are on a tight budget and looking to make some very beautiful paper crafts and you have even a little patience, I would suggest QUILLING!!!

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