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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pink Flower Note Card

I was SOOOOOO excited today when my Circle Template Board arrived from Quilled Creations. I really needed it with the amount of quilling I have been doing. When I ordered my other Quilling tools and accessories from them the board was on back order.

This was my first time to make a flower using off centered circles. What I did was roll the paper, then place it into the size circle I wanted on the board. And once it uncoiled then I used a pin to push and hold the center to one side and then I glued it.

As you can see the result is a beautiful quilled flower which has a different look than most of my others. I formed it into a tear drop with the pointed edge being the edge with the paper glued. It separates the paper in the coil differently. I really love the pink color and the gemstone in the center. I also used my stamp to make the pink and white patterned paper and it gave it a really nice touch.

This card is perfect for just writing a note inside and giving it to someone. Sometimes I enjoy making these sorts of cards because what someone chooses to write inside can often times be more special than something I could write for you.

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