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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Episode 29: Haul November 12, 2011

Here is a little Haul Video for you all :). I got some fantastic deals today. Don't worry I will be back with more projects very soon, and I did get my Cricut Imagine! So excited.

On a side note, today has made 6 months since my Surgery in May for Acid Reflux and I am pleased to say I am still living a very healthy lifestyle, exercising and have lost 52.4 pounds since May 12th. I am finally feeling like it is all getting a little easier to maintain now so hopefully that means I will be having more time again for my blog and not feeling overwhelmed with things. It really does get easier as the months pass and things become a permanent habit.

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Denise G said...

what a great shopping trip. I did not know about the new recollection pattern paper. I haven't seen it at my store yet. Glad things are going better for you health wise now. And 52 pounds is incredible. Great job.

I am excited to see more of your work soon. You are a very talented crafter who inspires many.