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Friday, May 20, 2011

So Saturday Challenge #10 Will be Late

Hi everyone...just letting you know that the challenge that normally posts at 7 am tomorrow morning will be posted sometime tomorrow after I wake.

I was out to dinner tonight and ate some soup since that is about all that is allowed on my diet plan and I started feeling really sickly and in pain. I am still recovering from my surgery. I couldn't get home fast enough...so I just took a pain pill and am going to bed.

I don't generally get up before 7 am so the post will occur sometime tomorrow.

Sorry all...


Savahanna said...

Hope you feel better. Get some rest

Gloria Dasher said...

OMG Christina
what a bummer that you dont feel good sorry to hear that hope you feel better

GiGi said...

I sure hope your feeling better. Did you get my email? Just wanted to make sure you did. Take care!

Peggy Sue said...

relax and feel better soon! Don't over do it!!