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Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Decor - Decorated Canvas for Lauren

Here is the second baby gift that I made. This was a 12x12 canvas that I got to decorate. I bought some garter belt elastic material at Joann's to go around the edge for the trim and it worked out quite well. Then I cut these paper squares and did them two layers thick. I used some crafty power tape along with scotch quick dry to make sure it really was stuck well. The thing with the canvas is that the center isn't really supported so you have to be careful. Then I adhered the brown ribbons like this to cover all the seems. I put a pink button to frame the ribbons which looks awesome. The papers I used compliment each other so nicely and the colors that they decorated the nursery with. Hard to believe this is mostly paper because it looks so spectacular and pretty!

On a side note my recovery from surgery is going well. I have been enjoying being in my own home and relaxing. I've been sleeping right down stairs in my recliner because it takes all the pressure off my belly for resting and makes me more comfy. Everything has been going so well though that I am truly impressed with this. And already it is so nice not to cough and hack all day from acid reflux, and I have nothing coming back up...so it seems it worked and this will all be worth it! I miss my crafting stuff though. It hasn't even been a week yet and I have the itch.


Savahanna said...

Very pretty decor. I am glad to hear your recovery is going well. Get some rest.

Alison Jane Hann said...

Lovely work. It looks like a little quilt.

I`ve left something for you on my blog.

Cheers - Ali


Sharon said...

This is just beautiful Christina!! I know they are going to love it.
So happy to hear that you are doing
so well. I feel your itch!! I had it, too!!! You'll be glad that you have taken it easy though. Just keep healing!! :)

housesinstoke said...

Pretty home decorations, love it's artistic and colorful designs.
I'm from houses for sale in stoke on trent an avid fan of yours.