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Monday, January 24, 2011

Episode 11 - Craft Area Tour

Here is the tour of my craft area! I was able to make this post before work. I forgot to mention that I used to me a Creative Memories Consultant many years back so that is part of the reason why I have so many of their tools and gadgets! Hope you enjoy and hope I don't make you too dizzy!


sleeplesswonder said...

Girl I am so jealous. I love your room. I am hopefully soon going to have a room in my basement for crafting. Right now I just have my computer desk, and it's too tiny to do very much on. I love purple too. :)
Melissa D

Mari AKA Momo said...

Your room is awesome! Thank you for sharing! XOXO Momo

mom2maddie06 (Misty) said...

I love how you made a corner of your "dining room" into your craft space. Reminds me you don't have to have a room to have your own space. :) Your supplies are so neatly organized, too!

Sharon said...

What an awesome craft space! Loved
seeing it!! :)