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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Design Team Call for 2011 Challenges

Hello to all my readers....I am having my first ever Design Team Call!!!

I plan to hold bi weekly challenges starting in January 2011. The challenge will be posted the second and fourth Saturdays of every month. Design Team Projects will be due to me by 5pm on the Thursday before each challenge.

To be considered for my design team I will need you to email me (cardcreationsbyc at gmail dot com) with the following information:

- A little bit about yourself and what you hope to bring to my Design Team

- A little background on your crafting hobbies, what techniques and tools you like to use most.

- 5 Pictures showing me what you consider to be your favorite and best projects you have made.

- A link to your blog, which should be a blog that is updated fairly often.

- Anything else you would like me to consider.

I need your entry to be sent to me no later than Friday Decemeber 17th at 5pm EST. The Design Team will be announced on Monday the 20th on my blog. The first Project will not be due to me until January 13th!

By asking to be part of my design team you will be agreeing to the following:

- A 6 month term. I will allow you to stay on after 6 months if you wish or if someone decides to leave the team I will put out a calling for someone new.

- To make a new project each time, meaning you cannot just use something you have made in the past.

- To allow me to post the picture of your work and a little bit about it on my website, linking it to yours.

- To schedule your project to post on your blog the same day it posts on mine, linking it to my blog.

- To visit other bloggers who enter the challenge and help me to leave them some love.

- To have lots and lots of fun!!!

I can't wait to see your submissions. You can start emailing me anytime! Your subject line should say "Design Team Submission".

Thanks so much! And one more thing, don't feel intimidated, I welcome ALL submissions, from both newer and more experienced crafters!

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