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Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Home Card - Very FIRST Gypsy Card!!!

Awesome news....as my readers know I have been working my tail off for a craft fair that was yesterday. I mean I really was spending nearly all my free time the past many many weekends making as much as I could. I am really proud to say that it went very well, and even considering I had the worst location at the craft fair, I did great! I made enough to get my Gypsy finally and I even have some money left to do other things with. I feel very happy about this. The mini notebooks I was making were a HUGE hit. I had 102 with me and came home with maybe 10. Other than that I sold cards, lots of cards. None of my quilled art work sold at all but I will list it on Etsy...and I can always use it for gifts now that it is all framed nicely.

Anyway...I came home and I played with my Gypsy...first I had to update it and all that jazz. Then I watched all 9 of Christina's videos on the Gypsy Series at www.creationswithchristina.com. I highly suggest you watch her videos. Just go to her blog and click on video series and then you will see her Gypsy Series. Once I watched all 9 I pretty much know how to do everything I need to do on my new toy! I love it, and I am grateful for her video!

So onto my first Gypsy card. Some of you know I had made shaped cards without a Gypsy by creating my hinges, but of course being able to do it with welding is much better. So I decided my first card would be a shape card. I used this little house from Create a Critter, from one of the accessory buttons. I just love it. I made it to fit a 5.5x5.5 envelope. I welded and the two houses together, hid the contour on the back side of the house so it wouldn't cut out the etch marks. Then I cut another front of the house so there wouldn't be the flat side. I cut another house without the etch marks and just trimmed the side off to go onto the inside layer. I did the layers so I hid some of the cuts with the hide contour so that I could get my roof a different color and the heart and so forth. It was so stinking easy to lay these pieces on the mat and know exactly where they would cut. I love that. No more messed up sizes.

I made some punched out flowers for the window box, and I placed the white paper on the inside so that the window would appear white from the front. I drew the black lines there. Then I felt that it was missing something around the window, to make it prettier, so I just punched using my normal hole punch a whole bunch of circles and glued them around the window...I LOVE how that turned out. It just makes the window pop to me. The roof I felt needed something too, so I cut those thin strips of pink paper and attached it and then just used a lot of pink bling to further decorate it and a little stitching with my white gel pen. For my sentiment I just wanted it on the pink paper and I added that beneath the window.

On the inside I added a gift card pocket. I like the light pink house layer inside to make the back of the card more sturdy. I really adore how this turned out and I cannot believe how easy it really was. I hope you enjoy....


Sharon said...

It turned out beautifully Christina!!! You did a fantastic job! I'm so happy that the craft fair was such a success for you and congrats on getting your Gypsy!
Looking forward to seeing what else
you create with it! :)

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Great card! Congrats on your show!

the cricutologist said...

This little house is soooo charming! Great job! Have fun with your Gypsy! Don;t leave home with out it! You can create anywhere! Woo hoo!

sucor said...

Beautiful card! Congratulations on your success at the craft show! Enjoy your gypsy!

Debbie said...

so cute, nice to here you had a great fair, I have a Gypsy I haven't really used it much, I think I will ck out the videos on Cristinas site, I never really watch hers on the gypsy, I have watched over at Emma's I was so happy to get it, and now dont use it I think I am afraid of it Debbie