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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mini Composition Books, Oh My!

So I was at the dollar store where I live and I spotted these mini composition books in 3 packs, for a DOLLAR. Whoo Hoo! I grabbed 10 packs of them and went home and got busy. I must admit I like dealing with these better than the big ones. One sheet of 12 by 12 card stock pattern paper is enough to do 4 notebooks front and back and then the solid paper is less than half a sheet for the 4 spines. I was able to make all 30 of them using just 1 full roll of ATG. I calculated my cost in these and it works out to be 58 cents a piece when you factor everything in, and I am thinking of selling these for a buck at my craft show next month. It took me 3 hours to make all 30 of them in one sitting. I made 4 of each design and then I have two more to make of the polka dot ones when I get some more. I think I am going to grab another 30 this week too just so I can make some more. I think these will be big sellers because they can fit in your car or your purse and I also think kids are going to love them too. I hope they move for a buck. I think they are so adorable and I love the patterns and colors. I think these are easier and cheaper cost in the long run than the big ones. Hope you enjoy...I had a request for a video of me making composition books, so perhaps this weekend when I get the others I will show just how easy these are to make...I might even be able to get it into just one You Tube video, LOL. Hope you enjoy.


4kids4 said...

These are just adorable...I hope they sell like crazy at your craft fair! :-)

~Sharon C.

Sharon said...

These are just awesome! I do hope you can do a video on these 'cus I would really love to learn how to do them!! :)