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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quilled Purple Flower Card

I do enjoy quilling. I haven't been doing as much of it since I got the cricut, but I do still enjoy it. I did a lot of quilling all spring and summer so it was nice to break away from it just a bit, but I do think quilling is one of the prettiest paper art forms. I made this very elegant and simple card, using the white fancy mat from Just Because Cards and the stem of the flower was from Stretch Your Imagination. I simply added the quilled green leaves over tip of the green leaves that were there. This was the stem that went to the sunflower. I snipped the flower off and just used the stem so that I could add my own quilled flower. I accented with little light green gemstones. I love how the colors came together and how this card could be used for so many things. I hope that you all enjoy.

I am going to try to do more videos soon. For someone reason I am feeling like I don't have a lot of time for videos, but I am going to try to do a couple more very soon.


ScrappingStephanie said...

Absolutely beautiful! I have been wanting to try quilling, just have to get the supplies! I LOVE the colors of this card, everything about it is stunning. TFS.


Paula Bee said...

I love looking at your quilled cards. I like quilling, but just don't do it often enough. Your cards are a great inspiration!

Nancy C. said...

I love your quilling card! I'm learning quilling as well and love it!