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Friday, August 13, 2010

My Craft Area!!!

This is a view of my craft area which is in my dining room. This picture was taken from across the room. I have taken over about half the wall space on the outside of the room LOL. My area starts with that white cabinet on the left and goes to the end of the table where all the white drawer units are.

The white cabinet houses things I don't use often but need a place to keep. I keep my big shot on top of it and the top shelf in the cabinet has my few dies and my one embossing folder. I may get a cuttlebug at some point, but as of now there isn't a huge need because the embossing folders work in my big shot anyway. The disadvantage is that the big shot is not very portable, it is really quite heavy. I like how the cuttlebug folds up. Next we have my wire shelving. I love it. I got it from my local hardware store. It is perfect to hold the majority of my punches where I can get to them easily and see what I have. And then the start of my main table where I work at. I have more wire shelving, the kind sold at Wal-mart for pantries. I love them because they just lock together and stack up nice. And they are really cheap. The first stack is the shorter length ones. In between I have another wire shelf hung and then more of the longer stack shelves. As you can see I use a lot of the sterilite containers to keep my tools in. I love them because when I go to a crop somewhere I can just stick the lid on and take it with me. I have had tons of bags and things to move all my tools into and it is too much of a pain for me because I hate packing and unpacking my things. Almost makes me want to stay at home instead. I also keep my stamps and inks and glitter glues and such in containers.

Here at the end of my first table at a diagonal I have these white drawer units. I love these too. I have them on my nightstand in my bedroom too. I use these to hold various things. Extra adhesives. All my smaller punches. Various tools and things. On top of it are these wooden shelves. I got these several years back at the hardware store. I use them to hold more of my containers and trimmers. I have a large container of just 1/8 inch strips I have trimmed for quilling. Then there is a container of just my quilling tools. Then one for just quilled coils and objects I have made that are ready for use. Two large containers hold my ribbons. One for the large ribbons and one for the small ones. Three containers full of scrap papers. This shelving unit is really perfect for me. Up along the top I have my extra rotary trimmer that is meant for travel and a bin full of stickers as well as one full of paperwork.

My other table is my second work station. I have my cricut right there so I can just turn in my chair and use it. More of the stackable wire shelves. The first shelf just has my power strip that everything plugs into. I have my lamp, netbook, printer, cricut, heat gun and lamp plugged in. And I also charge my camera there. Eventually I will need another shelf or two on top of those wire shelves. I only have 5 circut cartridges, and I am sure someday I will have more and need to find more room. Right between the cricut and the drawer units is my netbook. It is a pretty purple. I wanted a netbook for downstairs for my crafting area because of the size. I wanted something very small that would not take up too much of my craft room. The fact that it is purple is just all the better. Behind the netbook are just cords and a bucket to hold trash bits while I am working. Then we have the drawer units. I have three stacks of 2 and more empty ones in my attic. On top of these are a couple of boards to make it sturdy and flat and not warp the drawer units. Then I have my printer and lamp and heat gun sitting up there as well as containers of cards I have made and the boxes I was making today. The drawer units hold my papers. I have a drawer for each color and then one for vellums and other paper packs too.

I love this layout. I have tried to condense my things into a smaller area through the years, but it just doesn't work. I either end up not working on anything because I feel too cramped, or I end up making a total mess of my station and then I can't stand it. I do need the space to be organized and I also like to have everything right at my finger tips. The sad part is I will soon enough have to find more ways to make room in my space because I am sure there will be more goodies eventually to find room for.

Hope you enjoyed my space and hopefully you take some storage tips away!

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