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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gift Boxes with Martha Stewart Score Board

So...I made 10.00 for doing a computer favor for my co worker and I used it along with me 50 percent off coupon to get the Martha Stewart Score Board. I have been playing around on it this weekend. I made a few envelopes in the A2 size, and then I decided to play around with the gift boxes. I usually avoid buying the big stacks of card stocks because I usually only like half or less of the patterns for my cards, but once in a while I will get them when they are 50 percent off. Well I figured out a perfect use for the prints that I don't find suitable for my cards, but I still find pretty! Perfect. For instance this green one that is 4x4x4. the flowers are just a bit too big to use on a card, but as a gift box it is truly beautiful. I could just add a bow or a little quilled accent and be done with it. No need to even wrap these packages. All of these prints are sparkly too. I used the printed paper for the lid and the coordinating solid color for the base. It only took me about 2 or 3 minutes from start to finish for each one. So from now on when I find a pack of card stock paper that I like only some of the patterns for my cards, I will look more closely to see if the rest would make nice gift boxes. I don't see a good measurement for a gift card box on the score board so I may look on line for some directions!

All in all this is too fun. I could even make small decorative boxes to organize some of my craft stuff too if I wanted to. I also want to start making some gift sets of cards that all coordinate in a matching box. That would be a great idea.

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