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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Custom Order - Dolphin Anniversary Card!

I am super excited to share this custom order card with all of you. I had a request from my customer to make a special card for her 4th wedding anniversary. She told me that her colors were navy blue, silver, and also they had a dolphin theme for the wedding. Immediately my mind started to spin wondering if I could quill some dolphins and I figured that I could. Now when I start with a request like this I actually take plain white copy paper and make a sample of the card, using pen or pencil to draw it out. This helps me to visualize my idea.

The quilled dolphins turned out fantastic. I could not be happier with them. My customer wanted a Z Fold card that stretches out like the one I made for another custom order, so she could have wedding pictures in it. The third panel you see was left blank and she is going to use that part to hand write a letter to her husband, using a silver gel pen I am letting her borrow for it. I love the die cut hearts I did too, and I made those three layers tall to raise them up a bit. The colors look outstanding with the silver accents from this shimmery silver paper.

And the nice part about the Z Fold Card is that I always make the back look pretty too. So there was room for 5 more wedding pictures, all matted and two more silver hearts. I think that my customer is really going to love this and her hubbie too. As for me, I had fun making the card and planning it out in my head. I really am happy I got to experiment with dolphins and they turned out so pretty. This card took me just over 3 hours to make from start to finish and I think it was worth every second.


ecshumway said...

I LOVE IT !!!!!

ecshumway said...

My husband absolutely LOVED this card. It actually brought tears to his eyes. I am so pleased.
Thank you Christina.