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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stamped Quilled Flower Blue Card

Ever since I made the cards last weekend similar to this one, I could not wait to get back to the craft store to purchase a blue ink pad. The ink pads I have been getting are called Colorbox and they are 6.99 each. My craft store closest to me doesn't seem to have them on sale ever, so I try to only buy them with my 40 or 50 percent off coupons. Therefore I am only getting one or two ink pads at a time, however eventually I will have all the colors I want. I just have to be patient.

I have tons of blue papers, I guess I don't tend to use them up as fast as I do pinks and purples. I am in love with this particular stamp because I adore the pattern and it looks great so far in every color I have used. And the fact that my purple stamp stained it permanently purple doesn't seem to affect how it stamps with other colors. I just love the small, simple and pretty pattern it leaves on the paper. And I love to use flowers in the themes.

1 comment:

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

I LOVE BLUE!!! :) Look so pretty in this design. :)