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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle

I made this card in January for my uncle's birthday. This uncle is also my godfather :). In September of 2009 he was in a very bad car accident where someone who was texting drove right into the driver side door of his car. He was mercy flighted to the larger hospital an hour away and he was quite badly injured but also extremely lucky to be alive and well. So when his birthday came around in January I just needed to make him a special card. He loves the Jets and loves football so I had to go with that theme. I made his card with the greens for the Jets and then using this football ribbon I was able to find. It was rather hard to cut the football out like that from ribbon but it gave it a unique and textured look. This card is a folded gate card, or at least that is what I call it.

The card stretches out like this, revealing more footballs and a pocket for his gift. The white paper inside was 4 layers thick so that I could write him a very personal note about how happy and thankful I am that he is still alive and well...and how much I love him. And how appropriate this quote is, "The only wealth is life" after coming so close to losing him!

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