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Monday, July 5, 2010

Birthday Girl, Happy Birthday Sister

This was the birthday card that I made my sister for her birthday in January. This was also my first Z Fold Card made like this with a cut out in the center panel and the entire card made to be pretty from both sides. It took me a couple of hours to make this card.

Looking back on it now, maybe the papers were a bit too old for her. As I look at it now, it would better suit a sister in her 30's, LOL, but never the less it was the card that I sat down and made FOR HER, so even though I later made a card I thought looked more like her, that one wasn't made for her.

See how pretty it looks stretched out from the back side too....I love it. I call these the perfect cards. Even though I suppose all are perfect, one just wouldn't necessarily expect that this type of card would be so pretty from the back too.

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