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Thursday, June 17, 2010

QAW0006-8x8 Pink/Green Flowery Artwork

I made this art work over the weekend, on a Sunday evening. I wanted to try a new design. First I cut the strips of pink and green paper for the back ground and I stamped the pink paper. I love how the color of the stamping matches the darker green paper while at the same time provides a really pretty pattern for the pink paper. The lighter green with white accent it nicely and make my quilled elements pop out better.

For the flowers I wanted smaller ones and then the two large more artistic accents. I really think it makes the flower so pretty when you add the little scrolls with the pink flower coming off of it in each direction. I bet just that element would look beautiful as coasters. I have to try that sometime.

Here is a closer view of the element. Isn't it beautiful??? I love it. I really take my time and try to be very meticulous with these projects. It also is something to work on when I am watching tv and keeps my hands busy. I trim the strips ahead of time and then curl and glue and shape away! How fascinating how you can turn paper into art work.

I hope whoever ends up with this piece really enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it!

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