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Saturday, June 4, 2011

So Saturday Challenge # 11

Welcome to So Saturday
Challenge # 11

This time around the challenge is to create a SHAPE CARD

Now let's see what the Design Team did!!!

First up we have Denise. Look how cute this watermelon card is!!! I am loving it, and the ribbon just goes perfectly, and the sentiment is great!!!

Then we have Darlene, and how cute and colorful this this? What a perfectly summery card. I love the face on the shovel and the sentiment font is great!

Then we have Savahanna with this adorable paper doll card. I never would of thought to make a card in the shape of the paper doll!!!

And last but not least we have Paula. Look how elegant this bee hive shape card is? I love it. Love the sparkles and the bling and that background paper is great!

All of our Designers did a fabulous job, and were very creative!!! Be sure to click right over to their blogs and read more about their projects and leave them some comment love. I think they deserve it!

And now you can participate too.

You have until Saturday June 11th at 7pm EST to submit your project using the Linky below. Click the Linky and it takes you to a new page where you submit your information.

You must make a SHAPE CARD!!!

I really want you to challenge yourself and make something

I don't want it to be an after thought, that you happened to make a project that does fit this criteria. I want you to be inspired and make a project for this challenge...so you can link projects here that are only being submitted for up to one other challenge. This is to help ensure that you make a project for this challenge. I notice many projects posted that are going to 8, 10, even a dozen or more challenges, and I really think that something is lost in that. If you submit a project to the Linky that is being used for more than one other project it will be deleted from the Linky and you will not be able to be in the running for the prize!

You must have a blog to participate. You will link ONLY the post that has your actual challenge to the Linky below, please don't just link to your blog main page. I need to be able to easily find your project. Please be careful to follow this part, it makes it very confusing if you don't.

You must link my challenge/blog in your post.

You must also leave a comment on this post with your email address. Be sure to use at and dot in your address so that you aren't loaded up with spam. Example, cardcreationsbyc at gmail dot com.

Only one entry per person.

Only USA addresses are accepted for the prize.

Please follow all directions listed here if you want to be considered for the grand monthly prize.

And most importantly, have fun!

I have not decided what the prize will be for June, so stay tuned for that!!!

Also...after this challenge there is only going to be 1 more So Saturday Challenge because starting in July things will be done differently, but don't worry there will still be challenges, and they will be in a way I don't think any other blogs are doing them!


Georgiana said...

Great shape cards Design Team!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Great DT! This was a challenge for me only my 2nd shape card!

Cheryl Gaffney said...

I adore shaped cards so I had a wonderful time with this challenge!!

Thanks so much,
Cheryl @ CardsbyCG.blogspot.com

Pat (mspfd) said...

Awesome inspiration from the team. Love your cards.

Jean said...

Thanks for the great challenge. I am number 5!

Eva said...

Thank you for such an inspiration to create. I loved the challenge...I am entrant #6.

Shelly said...

Thank you for the challenge!