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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just Because Card - You Can Do Anything...

Here is another card I made while recovering from surgery. These last few cards were made during the first couple days sitting up and working at my craft desk. I wasn't feeling that into it to use my Cricut so I just worked with simple designs. This time I wanted the main focus to be these buttons. I loved the card till I stamped that flower border across the two yellow strips...and even though I could have changed it after I just decided to leave it be. Also I tried masking my sentiment to make it stamp on the three different strips like that, and this time it didn't really work so well...I had to go over it with my sharpie. Oh well...this is not my favorite card, but someone will love it.


Adrian said...

Very cute!

Sharon said...

I think it turned out really cute!! :)