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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Change to Challenge Rules

I did put this in the So Saturday Challenge Rules but it seems it was missed....

I really want you to challenge yourself and make something FOR THIS CHALLENGE. I don't want it to be an after thought, that you happened to make a project that does fit this criteria. I want you to be inspired and make a project for this challenge...so this time you can link projects here that are only being submitted for up to one other challenge. This is to help ensure that you make a project for this challenge. I notice many projects posted that are going to 8, 10, even a dozen or more challenges, and I really think that something is lost in that.

One of the entries I rec'd has a project that is being entered in 36 different challenges. To me that is not a challenge. That is what I meant by your project just happening to fit my criteria. That is not the same to me as making something for my challenge. Now I feel you could sit down with the intent to make 2 challenges work to one project and yet make something FOR both equally. You could make a spring related card and do a sketch challenge for instance. That is why I allowed it to be combined with one other.

The thing is that the design team puts a lot of work into their projects, making them to help inspire you and we all put a lot of time in to look at your submissions and leave you comments. I also supply the prizes myself, they are not sponsored. The reason that I wanted to have challenges at my blog is to inspire you and to offer you a real challenge. Also because I love to see what ideas you have too! I am happy having fewer participants who truly challenge themselves than 100 who are just posting their project because it happens to fit the theme.

I apologize if you disagree with me, however this is how I feel.

When I randomly draw the number of the winner, I do double check that they did follow the directions of the challenge, and if not I draw another number until I have found someone who has followed the directions.


Denise G said...

Love it. So very correct. I sometimes can get my challenges to fit 2 or 3 challenges, but my brain just can't think past that. Brain overload I am guessing.

Any way, love what you said. So very true.

Laurie said...

I have to agree with you. I have been lucky to make a card fit for 3 challenges, but that is very rare. Thank you for saying what most of us are thinking! Also, with that said, I'm a new follower.

Tami B. said...

I hardly ever do challenges, so I really should keep my 2 cents to myself, but I couldn't agree with you more.

Jean said...

I agree with you! I try not to enter one thing into more than 3 challenges. 36 is crazy, I don't even think I know of that many challenges!

Cricutjunkie said...

Christina, Thank u for breaking it down for us new bloggers. Blogging can get very confussing and I do see projects that are entered in several challenges. I agree, an afterthough is not a true challenge. TFS Traci