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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More More More Mini Composition Books

So I have been still plugging away at these in between cards. These are the latest batch that I made. Each one is made 2-4 times, depending how much paper I have. I have to count but I know I should have over 70 by now. So far everyone who has seen these just love them and would gladly pay a buck for one. So I really hope it was worth all the hours I spent making these. Also I was able to include one in an etsy order for a free bonus because the shipping charges ended up being a little higher than it cost me, so I threw one in. So I think even after the craft fair these are going to come in handy for me too. I can't wait to see which design I choose to put in my purse too. I just can't decide. Hope you enjoy.


CraftyNurse98 said...

I had a craft show last week and sold out of these mini comp books, post a note holders with pens and desk top post a note holders...i sold only about 20 cards but the other stuff went a lot better...i even sold out of refridge note holders i made...best of luck love your projects Nikki

Sharon said...

I love them!! So very very cute!! :)