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Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Card - Miss You

My hairdresser requested a Halloween card for her son who is away from home, and she wanted it to say "Miss You" on the front. So I decided to take this chance to make a little scene card with a mini monster and a tree and such! I love how this turned out. As I was piecing the fence together I thought that it would look nice and creepy to have spider webs on the fence and then I added the little spider. I love how it turned out. The tree is perfect and I chose a shade of brown that would really show against the black sky. I made the grass using my Martha Stewart Grass Border punch. My hairdresser loved this card. Hope you enjoy too!


Coachfans said...

What an interesting looking critter...love his green eye.


Celeste B. said...

I like it! The little spider and spider webs are too cute! TFS! :)

critterbugg365 said...

How cute! This card makes me laugh and sad...I have that Monster cart and I never use it =( Maybe I will make something and post it tommorow LOL!

DORCAS said...

Super cute card! I need one of these! I love it! Detail is great!

Sharon said...

I love it!!! With his arms out like that is like when the Younguns' were little and they would say I love you this much but this one says I miss you this much!
I can see why she liked it. It's great!!! :)