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Saturday, September 4, 2010

My New Ribbon Storage

I read about this idea from Techniques by Trish and I thought it was a great idea. Before this my ribbons were all in a plastic bin with a lid and I couldn't tell what I had and they were getting wrinkly too. I loved her idea. I did not have any chipboard so instead I used Kraft cardstock because it is really thick and folded it together to be two layers adhered together. I bought some cheap binder rings and a very cheap curtain rod and hooks to hold it. This is perfect for me now. As you can see I went ahead and made up some extra ones for future ribbon buying. I have this hung above my table where I work and I can just reach up and undo a ring and take it down. Perfect. Thanks for the great idea Trish...not to mention this is really cheap to do.

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Trisha said...

im so happy that this is working so well for you! Trust me, I love organizing and affordable items...so when i get them together...I'm THRILLED!!! :)