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Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday Everyone...and a Question

Hello everyone. Hope you have had a nice week. I've felt a bit run down this week and wasn't home a couple of nights so I haven't created anything in a few days.

Well I did play around with a box (separate lid and bottom) for holding a set of A2 cards. I love Momo's box but I also wanted to be able to have a separate top and bottom so I don't always need to have 12 inch long paper for it. I found a great dimension and proportion with the Martha Stewart Scoreboard...but it isn't printed on there...it is my own measurements. I will post that soon if anyone is interested.

Also, I posted last week asking for questions to be left for a Q&A video...and no one replied. I'll ask again. I may be able to make one for you all soon and I am really happy to answer any questions you may have so ask as many as you like.

I have a cute 4 season card set I want to make this weekend. The cards are all going to be the tag style one that I did in my 4 piece winter set. I want one for each season. I think that will be super cute.

I can't wait to get crafting this weekend!

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4kids4 said...

I can't wait to see your card set...I'm thinking about making a few of these for Christmas gifts, but I've never done one before. Hope you feel better!