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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Custom Order - Penguin Set

So after I posted this Penguin card the other night and crossed it over to my facebook page I had interest in it, except the customer wanted it as a Birthday Card for her friend who loves Penguins. Well I carefully removed the sentiment that was there, used my pick up square to remove the adhesive the pop dots left behind, and then I added a new sentiment and also one into the inside. Perfect! All of a sudden it's a new card. I mentioned the notebooks I am making and it was decided I would make a matching notebook for the person too with her name on it.

The notebook was requested to have pink and orange. I love how it turned out. I made an envelope for it too. I listed this on my Etsy page for my customer to complete the order. She loved it, and I hope her friend does too!

1 comment:

4kids4 said...

Good for you! The card is very cute...love the glammed up penguin...and the notebook is terrific. My dd would love these!! TFS