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Friday, September 24, 2010

Boo Mummy Card

I decided to try out the mummy from Mini Monsters too! How cute is this? I wanted to go for a black sky with the fence and then the mummy front and center. The Boo sentiment is from a dollar stamp at Michael's. I love those! The stars that are in the sky are just from a hole punch that makes those tiny stars. It's perfect for adding the starts to a sky or for other celebration themes I am sure too!I think this one turned out cute. I might have used another color for the fence, but I still think the mummy stands out from it. I used Stickles on each star in the center for an accent. Hope you enjoy!


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

So fun! Love the fence too!

critterbugg365 said...

I love this card it's so funny!

Coachfans said...

What a cutey! I sure do like that star paper you used in the background and the fence adds that extra touch!


Card Creations by C said...


The start paper was just black paper that I added small stars to. It's one of those hole punches that are shaped as a tiny star and I used my craft glue with my tiny applicator tipped bottle to give a tiny dot of glue each place where I stuck one. :)

Sam thing with the polka dots with the Boo Monster. I've done this with hearts too!