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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heartfelt Thanks Spinner Card

This card is a cutie! I love love love the polka dot ribbon! I was really just wanting to see how a quilled flower would look on a spinner card. I love the little pearl accents on the pink flowers. I just got my hand cranked paper shredder in the mail the same day and used that to cut my strips, it leaves the edge a little roughed and gives the flower a different look. I am still not sure if I really like that or not, but it does take the time away from just sitting and cutting strips of paper. I might quill both ways, because part of me still likes them razor straight more. The little ridges sort of give it a different look though. I think this is an adorable thank you card...what do you all think?

1 comment:

Paula Bee said...

What a cute card. I just love your quilling! I have done some of it, but I am still learning how to get the hang of it.