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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Kayla - 3 Piece Set

This is an order that my aunt placed for her granddaughter, Kayla. She fell in love with the card that I had made which had a completely different poem inserted, but I assured her I could remove the poem and put a different one inside with no problem. This card is one of my favorites because it was the one I made with the pieces from my website header picture. It was agreed that I would also make a matching bookmark as well as this magnetic picture frame.

The poem is one that I created by looking on line and getting some inspiration from a few poems to suit the theme. It was a perfect description of how my aunt feels about her granddaughter. I think Kayla will really love this birthday card.

This is the magnetic picture frame to be hung on a refrigerator. I had been wanting to experiment with one so I asked my aunt that if I made one for Kayla and it turned out nice would she want it, and she did! So I got to work trying this out. I am happy to say that this was my first attempt and it turned out great. I used a 5x7 size for the frame with an oval cut out to suit a normal 4x6 picture. I used 5 layers of green card stock and then made the design and quilling to match the card and bookmark.

When I mad the frame designed then it was time to Modge Podge. Modge Podge is a very interesting thing. I love how it coats and protects paper that could be vulnerable to getting stained or wet or splattered, and anything on a fridge could be. I put a nice thick later on this and had to wait for it to dry. It also makes the entire thing more sturdy. When it was dry I had to build the rest of the frame. I used a scrapbook page protector and adhered that to some thick paper that is actually the back of a paper pad. I cut the yellow paper to 4x6 and slipped it inside where the picture will go. This way the picture is protected as well. I left the little indent so that it's easier to lift the thick paper a little to slide the photo in. Then I had to use strong adhesive to stick that whole thing to the frame itself. Final step was to adhere those two long strips of magnet. I wanted to be sure that this is nice and strong and will never fall off the fridge.

This frame was a lot of work and time involved. I am wondering if I can make these using picture frame matting in the future so I think I will experiment with that.

The bookmark turned out really cute and I love how it matches the other two. I used the same font on all three items. All in all this was a really fun set to make and I hope my aunt is pleased as well as the lucky birthday girl!

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