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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three More Lovely Bookmarks

This weekend I really was crafty! I made 10 cards and 3 bookmarks. This one was my first time trying to glue down rosebuds so close together, to form this little pattern. It was hard to get them to hold still while I waited for the glue to dry a bit! I absolutely LOVE the butterfly one. And the yellow flower matched with that color pink is really awesome.

I am really pleased that I got the hang of the roses. There are so many ways I am going to use these roses in the future. All colors! The more I practice the better I will get at it too!

This one is really pretty. I adore this yellow flower with the off centered petals and the pink with it. It just makes it pop to put the center of the flower up on top of the tips of the petals, gives it more dimension and makes it stand out nicely. Anyone who loves yellow and pink is really going to love this one!

And then the butterfly one. I love two toned butterflies the best. I knew I needed a dark blue color to go along with these other bright colors. The silver dots I used to make the butterflies look like they are in flight is a nice accent against this paper.

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