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Friday, July 16, 2010

FBC0001-Quilled Pink Flower on Vine Happy Birthday Card

This card was a lot of fun to make. First off the flowers were made for my new website title picture, except I did not glue them down when I took that picture, this way I could use them on the next card I would make. I decided to pull the same colors from the flowers and vine and use those in the card design. The quilling was so pretty that I wanted simplicity on the rest of the card, that is why there are just nice clean lines on the sides of it.

I made the Happy Birthday using my printer and purposely made it to fit those sections of the card. I really like how it turned out having one word on opposite corners. On the back of the card I just used my brand new logo stamp. I know a local person who makes stamps for my place of employment and I was able to work with him to make my new stamp to mark my cards and other pieces as my own. I love how it turned out, with the name fancier and then my email and website listed! Couldn't be happier with it, and the best part is I can stamp it with various colors!

Another angle to show the quilling. I think it's important to show quilling from the front angle and the side. these little pink and yellow flowers are just adorable I think! I really like the colors of this card even if it is a bit bright, I just love it.

And for the inside I used a bit of one of my poems, because I wanted to keep this card very generic so it could be used for pretty much any female in your life. Plenty of room to write inside this card as well. I hope that someone really enjoys it!

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