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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Friend

I made this card for my friend whose birthday is in July. I actually made this back in April I think, when I was still getting used to quilling. It's amazing to think of all the projects I have done since then. This is a gate card, and they are really fun to make. I love using the interlocking circle technique. This printed paper is one of my favorites I've ever used and it just lends itself to the quilling technique perfectly.

I found this poem somewhere and used it for this card since it is not for sale. Just some words that describe my friend well. This style card would be perfect for an invitation as well. And you don't really see cards of this style on the market from Hallmark. I like to try to be unique and I love that I don't make any two cards exactly the same, unless someone wanted me to.

This just shows how the card stretches out from the back view. My friend really loved this card so of course I am glad that I made it for her.

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