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Friday, July 2, 2010

Custom Order - Happy Birthday Love

This was my first Custom Order since opening Card Creations & More by C. My customer wanted a birthday card for his wife, made with the colors from their wedding. He requested that the front simply say, "Happy Birthday Love" which is the pet name he calls his wife. I chose a blend of purples that compliment each other. The lightest purple is shimmery and so pretty.

The white flowers are really nice against these colors. I love the larger off centered petals of the white flowers and they look even better up close. The flowers are always easier to see in pictures when the camera angle isn't straight on. Very pretty and a nice touch to have the quilled flowers on this card.

Since the theme was wedding colors I used some of their wedding pictures. I loved this touch since I knew I wanted to make a Z Fold Card, but to cut circles out of the center panel and place something in it wouldn't really fit. The pattern on the ribbon and the squares and triangles on the front lead the card to need straight lines. I really love this larger wedding picture right into the center.

This is a poem that my customer wrote for his wife. I can always use customer's own poetry for my cards as long as it is clear who the author is. I really love this ribbon too, the colors go so nice and it adds an extra touch. The poem is simple and sincere, just like my customer. I am sure his wife is going to love this card, made especially for her, with these personal touches, and it will be a one of a kind card.

When you stretch the card out the back side looks like this, filled with pictures from their wedding, sort of like a mini scrapbook to house the poem he wrote her. I just added my logo to the back as well. All in all I am very happy with this card. It took me a few hours to make it, not to mention a week and a half of thinking about it in my head. I hope that my customer and his wife are just as pleased with it as I am.

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ecshumway said...

I love this card. I think I'll get you to do one for my anniversary. I'll get some pictures and a poem together.