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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

5 Note Cards, Same Style, Different Papers

Last spring I made these cute little note cards. I made a bunch with the same design using different papers, and used them for a White Elephant Sale for my weight loss group. The lady who bid on them not knowing what they were, was really pleased.

I picked matching papers for each and then a ribbon that could accent it. Each one had a layered crimped flower. I really liked this color combo with the bright yellow. Nice and cheery.

I really loved this patterned paper too. I believe it came from Hobby Lobby.

This one must be my favorite of these cards. I love pink, white and black together. I really adore this printed paper and I would give anything to find one like this again.

And the last one using my favorite color purple. These were really perfect note cards for someone to write in and give to someone, and make their day.

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