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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How To Place An Order

How to Place Your Order with Card Creations & More by C

To place an order please use this form and email it to cardcreationsbyc@gmail.com

To ensure your order will not be placed into my spam folder, please do not send it as an attachment. Instead copy and paste this into the body of your email and fill in the information needed.

The owner of Card Creations & More by C will review your order, double check the items are in stock and the total cost of the order and will email you back within 1 business day with your total order cost. At that time you will need to make payment. Refer to the “How to Make Payment” Page.

Once payment is received your order will ship within 1-5 Business Days.


E-Mail Address:

Ship To Name:

Ship To Address:

Fill in the Items Codes and Prices:

Item Code: Price:

Item Code: Price:

Item Code: Price:

Item Code: Price:

Item Code: Price:

Item Code: Price:

Shipping Method:

(View our Shipping Policy for more information. When Choosing First Class Letter or Large the cost will be provided during the email confirmation before payment is made, after the order has been packaged and weighed.)

Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope $4.90

Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box $4.95

Priority Mail Medium Box $10.70

Priority Mail Large Box $14.50

First Class Letter Size up to 3.5 Oz. ~ $0.44 - $0.95

First Class Large Size up to 13 Oz. ~ $0.88 - $2.92

Insurance & Signature Mail $4.60

***To have your order guaranteed by Card Creations & More by C you MUST select the Signature Mail option AND the Insured Mail Option. Replacement items will NOT be given to customers who have not requested the Signature Mail Option AND the Insured Mail Option, in the event the order is lost in transit by the United States Postal Service. By requesting and paying for an order without adding these options you are agreeing to these terms.***

Item Subtotal:

Coupon Code (If Applicable):

Coupon Discount Amount:

New Subtotal:

Priority Mail Shipping Charge:

First Class Shipping Charge:

Insurance & Signature Mail Charge:

Total Order Cost:

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