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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gate Card, Cut Out Square Swirls

This card was actually quite tricky to make. I wanted to make a gate card that opened up like shutters on a window. I punched out the squares on each side and then used the thin squares to decorate the outer edge of each cut out, on each side. The strips of yellow were to give the swirls something to attach to. I love the pastel spring like colors I chose.

As you can see everything is the same on the back side of the gate sides. I had to carefully layer those swirls so they would look the same either side. This card is meant for you to lift the blue paper up and under it there is another blue paper which is the place for the note you would send to someone. This way your words won't be seen when you look through the cut outs on the front. Pretty clever I think!

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